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SC3K City Exchange

At the city exchange To the city exchangepages you can download several cities made by other SimCity 3000 players. Untill now, 65 cities have been sent in and there are more to come. To send in your own city, simply e-mail it along with a description and it will be placed online on the website's city exchange.

SC3K Building Exchange

Here you can download buildings that have beenTo the Building Exchange made using the Building Architect (BAT). Right now there are 23 buildings on the exchange, spread out over 3 main categories. Like on the city exchange, you also can send in your own buildings and get your place on the website. So take a look and see what you can use.

SC3K Frequently Asked Questions

On the FAQ-pages are many of the most asked questions along with the answers and tips of other SimCity players. Most of the questions and answers are collected in several newsgroups or SimCity 3000 FAQwere sent in by e-mail. On the page are many tips on how to build under water constructions, onramps, bridges, seaports and many more.

SC3K Cheats

All of the available cheats and tricks for SimCity 3000 can be found on the cheats page. Right now there are more then 40 of them and all of them are tested to see if they actually work.
New at The SimCity Pages

22-02-2009 - It's been too long but we're back in business again with three new cities for the city exchange.

First one isImperamatrix Imperamatrix, a sequal to Suprematrix and the last one in the Matrix series from Omnika. Again a huge city with 4.5 million sims, built in a pattern of circles, curvatures and squares inspired by the crop circles concept.

The second new Empire Roger Liucity came all the way from Taiwan and is called Empire Roger Liu. It's zoning consists of long stretches of commerce and residential with suburbs, indutrial and education along the edge of the city. Doing very well on the education but keep an eye on your wallet.

Third and last city for Jacqui Villatoday is Jacqui Villa. The city center is made up with huge commercial skyscrapers located along the sides of the river which is making it's way through the city. Nice touch are the mansions with their green lawn. It was worth the months of building.

05-10-2008 - Third and New Carder's Citylast one for today is New Carder's City. It's a city with long commercial and residential zones with quite an amount of monuments around. It has some issues with crime and pollution but aside from that it's a nice city to play around.

05-10-2008 - The second city isMiniville an updated version of Miniville. Being a city based on the smallest map size available it has it's limits. But with some changes in the zoning it has grown to a population over 200k. Less is more?

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